dry plastic ecomite mega

Plastic Eco-Mite Mega (20 people) (Excluding Top Structure)

Product Description

The Eco-Mite is a dry, non – water flush sanitation system which achieves the objectives of Ecological Sanitation by making use of two processes, namely: urine diversion and dehydration.

The Eco-Mite works on a batch system dehydration process which incorporates a uniquely designed urine diversion toilet pedestal that allows the urine to be separated from the waste at source.

As the name suggests, the batching process allows waste to be collected and treated in batches. This renders the dry waste harmless. Another name for these toilets is the composting toilet.

The Mega can be used for areas with a high water table or projects where relocation of the toilet system is necessary.

The Mega can handle waste of 15-20 people.

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Eco-Mite Mega (20 people) (Excluding Top Structure)

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R 7 600.00




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