5400 litre econo plastic septic tank

Plastic Econo Septic tank 5400L (Non SABS)

Product Description

Calcamite’s Econo 5 400L septic tank (digester) is the only septic tank in the market with an inner septic baffle which creates a double chamber in the tank. Our septic tanks come with a 50mm outlet with a lid. The 5 400L septic tank has the capacity to process up to 20-25 people’s septic waste. The septic tanks utilises anaerobic microbial action to convert solids to black water or effluent.

This system can make use of a french drain / soak away.

The septic tank is lightweight, that makes it easier for transport and easy to install by unskilled workers.

Additional Information


Up to 20 – 25 people


5 400L Econo


560 mm


2400 X 1950




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