We are for water for life.​

As an on-site sanitation solutions company our core business is the provision of solutions to treat wastewater safely and effectively, for re-using purposes or to replenish aquifers. We protect a precious, life-giving resource and further advance water security in order to help safeguard the well-being of individuals, their communities, and the environment.

Our Heritage

Calcamite originated in 1967 as Telford Plumbers and Drain Layers, founded by Paddy Telford. One of its first projects was connecting Pretoria to the municipal sewer line, leading to the creation of Calcamite. The name, derived from the materials in
a concrete pipe: calcareous material and dolomite, symbolises innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Calcamite’s legacy is a testament to South African resilience and pioneering.


In 2019, JoJo Tanks recognised the synergy that Calcamite offered to its mandate to transform into a water solutions company. Calcamite was subsequently acquired by JoJo Tanks. The manufacturing facility in Klerksoord, on the outskirts of Rosslyn, has been retained, while common corporate functions are being merged with JoJo. This integration ensures that the JoJo values are woven into the Calcamite business and brand.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated team behind Calcamite, working tirelessly to bring innovative water solutions to life:

Grant Neser

Chief Executive

Liezel Kotze

Finance, Admin and
Legal Compliance

Sebasti Badenhorst

Sales, Distribution,
R & D and Marketing

Gerrit du Plessis

Factory and Engineering
Shop Operations

Darryl Ireland

Factory and Engineering
Shop Operations

Adele Naidoo

IS and Business

Vidette Brancken


Leading the Way in On-Site Wastewater Management for a better more sustainable future

Roto-moulding Capabilities

Calcamite stands alone as the only packaged wastewater treatment company possessing in-house expertise to roto-mould larger containers specifically designed for various sewage treatment applications.

The Process

Roto-moulding is a specialised production technique where a heated mould filled with plastic powder is used to create large plastic parts. By heating and slowly rotating the mould both vertically and horizontally, the resin is evenly distributed and fused to the inner surfaces of the mould.

These roto-moulded components are manufactured exclusively for Calcamite’s on-site wastewater treatment plants of different sizes. Assembled in Rosslyn, Pretoria, the only outsourced components are pumps, blowers, and Bio-reactor media, all sourced from local distributors.

The Material

Calcamite’s roto-moulded components are crafted from the highest quality LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene), locally sourced from Sasol. This ensures the integrity and durability of our products.

The Benefits

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Seamless Construction:

Our roto-moulding process produces watertight containers that are robust and corrosion-resistant, essential for preventing harmful sewage spillages.

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Additional plastic can be added in high-stress areas to prevent buckling under water or soil pressure.

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When compared to conventional 
construction methods and imported alternatives, roto-moulding is a quick and cost-efficient production method.

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Pan-African Reach:

Our unique capabilities enable us to service projects throughout Africa, 
extending our impact and commitment to water treatment solutions.

Warranties and Guarantees

Engineering Solutions with Integrity: An Investment in Quality, Innovation, and Sustainability.
With a proven track record spanning over 40 years, we stand behind the quality and durability of our products.

Our Warranty Promise:

10-Year Warranty:

We offer a 10-year warranty on our roto-moulded products and components, reflecting our confidence in their longevity and performance. Our below ground polymer tanks have an expected life in excess of 25 years.

Warranty Activation
To ensure that our products and plants operate within their parameters, and are in accordance with our specifications, we require product warranties to be registered before they are activated. Failure to activate product warranties will render the warranties null and void.

Manufacturers’ Warranties: All mechanical and electrical components included in our solutions are covered by applicable manufacturers’ warranties, guaranteeing their quality and functionality.

Compliance and Environmental Responsibility:
When operated within design parameters and regularly maintained, the effluent from our wastewater treatment plants will meet or exceed the general authorization limits standard of the National Water Act 36 of 1998.

Calcamite’s warranties and guarantees are more than just promises; they are a testament to our long-term
dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability.