Innovative, Scalable, and Custom
Wastewater Treatment Solutions
Recycle Wastewater for Potable or Non-potable Applications
Rapid and Cost-effective Commissioning of Wastewater Treatment Plants


Calcamite is a specialist South African packaged wastewater treatment plant service provider that is wholly owned and operated as a subsidiary of JoJo Tanks (Pty). With over 40 years of experience, we’ve consistently introduced cutting-edge and eco-friendly wastewater management solutions. Our offerings empower you to manage, recycle, and dispose of wastewater efficiently, safely, and in an environmentally-conscious manner.


Our expertise lies in decentralised packaged wastewater treatment systems, catering to a capacity range from 1kl to 250kl of average daily dry weather flow (ADDWF). Our treated wastewater meets the rigorous standards set by the National Water Act 36 of 1998, making it suitable for various non-potable uses. Additionally, we offer tertiary treatment options to upgrade the treated wastewater for potable reuse.

for different industries

Individual Households

Clinics and Hospitals

Shopping Centres

Housing Developments



Customised Solutions

We provide packaged wastewater treatment plants suitable for residential, commercial and light industrial applications.

Innovative and Adaptable Plants

Our smaller wastewater treatment plants are standardised and designed for swift deployment, while our larger systems can be tailored in a variety of configurations including above-ground, underground, or containerised options.

Economical and Local

Manufactured and maintained locally, our solutions promise cost-efficiency and longevity.

In-house Engineering Expertise

We stand out as the sole wastewater treatment company with the capability to roto-mould sizable containers tailored for diverse sewage treatment applications. Discover the advantages of roto-moulding and the high-quality containers it yields here.

Comprehensive Services

From design and production to installation facilitation and supervision, as well as routine maintenance, we’ve got you covered.


Wastewater Treatment Plants​

  • Process wastewater for non-potable and potable uses.
  • Engineered to address diverse wastewater conditions.
  • Adaptable for above-ground, underground, or containerised applications.

Septic Tanks​

  • Africa's sole SABS-certified septic tanks.
  • Features a dual-chamber system for purer effluent than typical septic tanks.
  • Prevents contamination of soil and groundwater.

Conservancy Tanks

  • Robust roto-moulded tanks designed for subterranean conditions.
  • Offers on-site, temporary wastewater storage.
  • Protects soil and groundwater from contamination.

Underground Modular Tanks

  • Modular design allows for easy scaling and rapid installation.
  • Unique inter-connecting system ensures structural robustness.
  • Versatile usage, from water storage to septic tanks or wastewater treatment plants.

Sand, Oil and Grease Traps

  • Filters out sand, oils, and grease before wastewater enters drainage systems.
  • Reduces water pollution and enhances wastewater quality for municipal sewers.
  • Boosts the efficiency of on-site wastewater treatment systems.

Infrastructure Products

  • Diverse products compatible with wastewater treatment plants and subterranean water and piping systems.
  • Lightweight, resilient, and suitable for corrosive environments.
  • Designed for unique on-site installation requirements.