Underground modular tanks

The unique crinkle-cut design of our modular tanks allows for customizable and scalable, water and wastewater storage solutions, as well as wastewater treatment solutions. Simply plumb a few tanks together for a larger water, septic or conservancy tank, or alternatively use them as the various reactors within a wastewater treatment plant.

How it works

What happens inside

There are two types of modules for our modular tanks, a dome end piece, and a middle piece. Two dome end pieces can be interlinked to form one complete unit, or middle pieces can be added in between for increased storage capacity. The units have been designed in such a way that they perfectly fit into each other, and special custom-designed gaskets allow for an air-tight seal to prevent leaks.


For our illustration, we demonstrated how a modular tank will be used for basic water storage. As the application will determine the internal plumbing, it is important to specify what you intend to store inside our modular systems to ensure we provide you with the correct setup as per your requirements.

Modular tanks & other systems

Modular tanks are designed in a way that makes it easy to apply to different systems. Find out how the modular tanks could help expand your septic or conservancy system.

Ideal applications

Large water and wastewater solutions where an underground application is desired.

Key differentiator

Allows for rapid, cost-effective, scalable underground installations of water and wastewater solutions.

Value proposition

  • Quick to install and commission
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Suited for water, wastewater and sanitation storage systems
  • Accommodates 5 500 to 63 500 litres of storage
  • Larger systems can be custom-built on request