Calcamite Solutions

Each of our solutions cater for a very specific need and application, whilst taking into consideration the surroundings and overall sustainability.

Comprehensive Services

We provide holistic wastewater and sanitation solutions across the African continent. Our services encompass the entire spectrum, from design to maintenance, setting us apart in the industry.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Our wastewater treatment plants provide you the opportunity to better manage,
dispose of, or recycle your wastewater in a safe, reliable and sustainable way.

Greywater Treatment Solutions

Our greywater treatment systems offer a cost-effective way to reduce household water consumption and safely recycle greywater for irrigation.

Septic Tanks

Our septic tanks feature an inner chamber for cleaner effluent discharge and better soak-away performance. Paired with infiltration chambers, they offer cost-effective, efficient on-site sanitation.

Conservancy Tanks

Our conservancy tanks cater for the temporary disposal of wastewater on-site while preventing harmful soil and groundwater contamination.

Underground Modular Tanks

Our highly adaptable modular tanks can serve as water storage tanks, septic and conservancy tanks, or even as various reactors within a wastewater treatment plant.

Sand, Oil and Grease Traps

Our range of sand, oil, and grease traps safeguard the quality of outgoing water to the municipal supply to minimise pollution, or alternatively are utilised to enhance the performance of wastewater treatment plants.