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Discover how our innovative wastewater solutions are making a difference across diverse industries. Dive into our case studies to see real-world applications and the impact we’ve made.

Individual Households

Tailored wastewater solutions for everyday domestic need.

State-of-the-art Wastewater Treatment Enhances Sustainable Living.

At the heart of Leeufontein Estate, a residential area known for its opulent homes, there was a pressing need for a modern wastewater treatment solution. With local regulations demanding an upgrade and the existing soakaway system reaching saturation, Calcamite stepped in with a sustainable, compliant solution.


Efficient wastewater management for educational institutions, promoting a clean and safe learning environment.

Waste to Oasis: Pinnacle College’s Wastewater Revolution.

We transformed Pinnacle College’s outdated septic tank into a modern, eco-friendly wastewater treatment plant. The college now proudly utilises wastewater that’s ideal for irrigation, transforming potential waste into a beneficial resource.

Game Lodges

Sustainable wastewater solutions that align with the natural environment, ensuring minimal ecological impact.

Off-grid Eco-Sustainable Wastewater Management.

Mdluli Safari Lodge, a beacon of community development and sustainable tourism, presents a model for luxury safari experiences in Kruger National Park. With a commitment to green practices, the lodge required an eco-friendly wastewater treatment system.

Shopping Centers

Robust wastewater systems designed for high-traffic commercial spaces, ensuring seamless operations.

Serving a rural community with supply of water and sanitation services.

In partnership with Waterwise Servicesis we’re proud to showcase our work at Zebediela Mall. With our advanced wastewater treatment facility, we successfully recycle 80,000 liters of wastewater daily, repurposing it for non-potable applications, and supplying water and sanitation services to the mall.

Housing Developments

Integrated wastewater solutions for residential projects, ensuring communities thrive in a clean environment.

Turning Wastewater into a Green Oasis.

In the pioneering development of Osona Village, Netvend Metering Solutions has partnered with Calcamite to overcome the lack of standard municipal sewer infrastructure. Calcamite’s expertise was pivotal in designing and implementing a wastewater treatment solution capable of processing 170,000 liters daily.


Comprehensive wastewater systems tailored for large-scale industrial processes, ensuring compliance and sustainability.

Innovative Wastewater Solution Cultivates Sustainability.

Highveld Mushrooms contacted Calcamite to address their unique wastewater challenges. With no municipal connection, the mushroom farm required an effective on-site treatment system. We provided their Bio-mite 100 system, a compact treatment plant suitable for the farm’s daily capacity of 20,000 liters, ensuring compliance and sustainability.


Specialised wastewater solutions for mining operations, addressing unique challenges to protect both workers and the environment.

Off-grid Sustainable Waste Management Meets Eco-Irrigation.

The Olifantsfontein Resource Facility, a leading Waste Management Facility in Olifantsfontein, Midrand, required a customised wastewater treatment solution. Calcamite was tasked with the design and supply of a system that not only treats wastewater but also repurposes it to water the facility’s gardens, reflecting the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.