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Waste to Oasis: Pinnacle College’s Wastewater Revolution.


We transformed Pinnacle College’s outdated septic tank into a modern, eco-friendly wastewater treatment plant. The college now proudly utilises wastewater that’s ideal for irrigation, transforming potential waste into a beneficial resource.


The school had an existing septic tank with a French drain, however, the system did not meet the relevant requirements of the National Water Act.

Our objective was to utilise their current system and upgrade it to not only ensure that the effluent was safe to release back into the environment without any negative impact, but also fit to re-use for irrigation purposes.


We enhanced their existing septic tank system by introducing a Bio-reactor. This reactor contains a tank filled with fixed film plastic media, providing a surface for biomass to attach. The tank is aerated, allowing aerobic bacteria from the wastewater to consume the organic compounds present.

In the treatment’s final phase, the settled effluent undergoes disinfection to remove pathogenic bacteria, ensuring the water is safe for irrigation and minimizing disease outbreak risks. For this particular system, we use a combination of Ozone and Chlorine to purify the wastewater.


Effective wastewater management in educational institutions not only ensures a clean and secure learning atmosphere but also cuts down on water usage, leading to decreased water expenses.




Rynfield, Benoni

Plant Size

30kL per day

Project Date