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State-of-the-art Wastewater Treatment Enhances Sustainable Living.


At the heart of Leeufontein Estate, a residential area known for its opulent homes, there was a pressing need for a modern wastewater treatment solution. With local regulations demanding an upgrade and the existing soakaway system reaching saturation, Calcamite stepped in with a sustainable, compliant solution.


Due to new municipal regulations and saturation issues the estate’s previous septic tank and soakaway system were no longer viable. A new wastewater treatment plant was imperative to meet regulatory standards and environmental sustainability goals.


A Bio-mite 4 system was installed, featuring a primary septic tank and a secondary tank outfitted with fixed film plastic media for biomass growth. The aeration process in the tank promotes the breakdown of organic compounds by aerobic bacteria.

The system concludes with a chlorine disinfection stage, ensuring the treated effluent is safe for irrigation purposes.


The installation of the Bio-mite 4 system at Leeufontein Estate marks a significant step forward in promoting environmental responsibility in residential areas.


Individual Household


Leeufontein, Roodeplaat, Gauteng

Plant Size

1 000L per day

Project Date

August 2020