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Serving a rural community with supply of water and sanitation services.


In partnership with Waterwise Servicesis we’re proud to showcase our work at Zebediela Mall. With our advanced wastewater treatment facility, we successfully recycle 80,000 liters of wastewater daily, repurposing it for non-potable applications, and supplying water and sanitation services to the mall.


The Zebediela Mall treatment facility aims to recycle sewage for non-potable uses. Given that the mall houses a butchery and multiple fast-food outlets, there’s a significant disposal of fats. High concentrations of fats, oils, and grease can disrupt the breakdown of organic materials in the anaerobic chamber. These concentrations can also limit oxygen transfer, meaning aerobic organisms might not get sufficient oxygen to treat the wastewater effectively, resulting in decreased COD reduction. If not properly designed, operated and managed, these fats could lead to the facility’s failure.


We developed a hybrid wastewater treatment system. This system combines underground septic tanks with an above-ground Bio-reactor and tertiary purification plant, ensuring the water is of a quality fit for recycling. To handle the excess fats, we’ve incorporated fat traps, provided user training, and established regular maintenance schedules.


In regions where access to municipal or potable water networks is limited, innovative solutions are paramount. This initiative not only addresses immediate needs but also paves the way for sustainable water management practices.


Shopping Centre


South of Polokwane Limpopo

Plant Size

80kL per day

Project Date

Phase 1: May 2021
Phase 2: Nov 2022