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Off-grid Eco-Sustainable Wastewater Management.


Mdluli Safari Lodge, a beacon of community development and sustainable tourism, presents a model for luxury safari experiences in Kruger National Park. With a commitment to green practices, the lodge required an eco-friendly wastewater treatment system.

Calcamite delivered a tailored solution that processes up to 15 cubic meters per day, aligning with the lodge’s green marketing initiatives and preserving the natural beauty of the Kruger National Park.


Isolated from municipal sewage facilities, Mdluli Safari Lodge needed a reliable, self-sufficient wastewater treatment system that could handle the output from its guest accommodations, kitchen, and staff village with minimal visual impact.


Calcamite implemented two comprehensive WWTPs, featuring septic tanks and Bio-reactors equipped with fixed film media for effective biomass attachment. The aeration within these Bio-reactors enables aerobic bacteria to digest organic waste efficiently.

The system concludes with a chlorination process, ensuring the treated water is pathogen-free and safe for irrigational reuse.


Mdluli Safari Lodge’s collaboration with Calcamite represents a paradigm of eco-tourism excellence, where luxury meets sustainability. The advanced wastewater treatment systems provided by Calcamite not only ensure an uninterrupted, visually unobtrusive service but also reflect the lodge’s deep-rooted commitment to environmental conservation.

By effectively converting waste into a resource, the lodge maintains its pledge to preserve the natural splendour of Kruger National Park, setting a standard for responsible resource management.




Kruger National Park, South Africa

Plant Size

Plant 1: 5kL per day
Plant 2: 10kL per day

Project Date

Commissioning: 08 Aug 2019
Installation: 08 Nov 2019