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Innovative Wastewater Solution Cultivates Sustainability.


Highveld Mushrooms contacted Calcamite to address their unique wastewater challenges. With no municipal connection, the mushroom farm required an effective on-site treatment system. We provided their Bio-mite 100 system, a compact treatment plant suitable for the farm’s daily capacity of 20,000 liters, ensuring compliance and sustainability.


The mushroom farm’s location lacked access to municipal wastewater services, necessitating a self-sufficient solution.


Calcamite installed the Bio-mite 100 system, comprising a primary septic tank and a secondary tank fitted with fixed film plastic media for biomass adhesion. The continuous aeration process encourages aerobic bacteria to break down organic compounds.

For the final touch, chlorine disinfection was used to ensure the treated water was safe for irrigation, eliminating harmful pathogens and securing the farm’s operational health standards.


The wastewater treatment system implemented by Calcamite at Highveld Mushrooms stands as a benchmark of environmental responsibility and operational efficacy in the agricultural sector.

By effectively treating and repurposing wastewater for irrigation, this initiative not only conserves precious water resources but also showcases a sustainable approach to waste management. It upholds the delicate balance between industrial demands and ecological preservation, ensuring the wellbeing of the environment and the community that depends on it.




Knoppies Laagte, Centurion

Plant Size

20,000L per day

Project Date

Prior to 2015