4500 litre sabs plastic septic tank

Plastic Septic Tank 4500L SABS

Product Description

Calcamite’s SABS approved 4 500L septic tank is the only septic tank in the market with an inner septic baffle which creates a double chamber in the tank. Our septic tanks also come standard with all inlet and outlet fittings. The 4 500L septic tank has the capacity to process up to 12 people’s septic waste. The septic tanks utilises anaerobic microbial action to convert solids to black water.

This system can make use of a french drain / soak away.

The septic tank is lightweight, that makes it easier for transport and easy to install by unskilled workers.

Our septic tank is SABS Approved.

Prices are for Gauteng region – other regions may differ.

Additional Information


Up to 15 people


4 500L (SABS)


460 mm


D 1700 X 2000




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