Sand, oil and grease traps

Our Sand, Oil and Grease Traps consist of various roto-moulded containers that intercept the disposal of wastewater in order to separate solids, grease and oil from the water supply before it enters a drainage system. Easy to install, and cost-effective, these units assist in ensuring you meet legislative requirements for water discharge. 

How it works

What happens inside


All wastewater (excluding water that has come into contact with sewerage) is redirected to the sand, oil and grease trap where it goes through a separator designed to permit the passage of effluent, while retaining hydrocarbons that are not miscible in water.


The separation is done mechanically through means of a strainer that is designed to treat all flow up to a designated nominal size. This ensures that the trapped content remains separated from the effluent that is discharged into the existing drainage system until manually removed.

Ideal applications

Small to large-scale applications such as residences, restaurants, car washes, mechanical workshops, factories or any application where oil, grease, fat and solid waste come into contact with the water supply.

Key differentiator

Removes solids, oils and grease from wastewater before it enters the drainage system to limit water pollution.

Value proposition

  • Protects the quality of outgoing water to municipal supply
  • Lightweight design allows for rapid installation
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Durable
  • Designed to handle flows rates up to 420 L/min as per SANS 10252-2 & 50858
  • Scalable to accommodate between 90 to 7 500 litres