Underground Modular Tanks

Our highly adaptable modular tanks can serve as water storage tanks, septic and conservancy tanks, or even as various reactors within a wastewater treatment plant.

The purpose of our underground modular tanks

The modular flexibility of these underground tanks offers extensive opportunities to optimise water storage for applications where increased capacity and customisation are required. As leading underground storage tank manufacturers, we take pride in delivering reliable solutions that meet diverse needs across South Africa.

The main components

A dome end piece

The primary purpose of a dome end piece is to seal the ends of a tubular support, ensuring that it remains structurally sound and
capable of bearing loads. 

A middle piece

The middle piece serves a crucial function in increasing the storage capacity of the modular water tank. Two dome end pieces can be interlinked to form one complete unit or middle pieces can be added in between for increased storage capacity.

How it works

Depending on the required size, two dome end pieces can be linked together to form a complete unit or additional middle pieces can be inserted to increase storage capacity. For applications requiring even greater capacity, multiple units can be installed in parallel.

The units are designed to fit seamlessly together, and specially designed custom gaskets ensure an airtight seal between modules, preventing leaks.


The intended application for these modular storage tanks will determine the internal plumbing requirements, so it is vital to specify your intended application when ordering your modular tank. This ensures that we can provide you with the correct setup tailored to your unique needs.

Ideal applications

Any large-scale water and wastewater solutions where an underground application is preferred/most feasible. 

Get in touch with our team to discover how we can assist you in finding the perfect modular tank system tailored to your needs. 

Key differentiators


The modular design of this tank enables easy scaling from 5,500 litres up 
to 63,500 litres of storage capacity. Additionally, a custom-built solution is available if further increased capacity is needed.


When compared to conventional construction methods and imported alternatives, these plastic modular water tanks are highly cost-effective to manufacture and install.


Roto-moulded to produce watertight, robust, corrosion-resistant containers that prevent buckling under water or soil pressure.

Rapid Installation

Quick to install and commission.

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